Barkleys Mints Liquorice Tin 50g

Barkley's Classic Mints in a Liquorice version! A unique intense mint with a great liquorice flavour. There are 3 types of liquorice combined in this great new Barkley's product.

Barkley's Mints have that spicy and sparkling intense flavour no other brand has. Whether it is Barkleys Peppermint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen or Liquorice, they all have that special Barkleys flavour. The recipes of Barkleys Mints have taken years of development to get that unique Barkleys taste: a rich intense taste with that spicy punch. A truly unique refreshing, intense, spicy flavour.

That is what we call Tastefully Intense.

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Barkleys Mints  Liquorice Tin  50g