Csonka Air Purifier - Original Smoker Cloaker
Product Number: [197]

Excellent device for eliminating all smoke odors. This is the original Smoker Cloaker, far superior to all basic ionizers that only promise to clean air with 'negative ions', safely produces ozone (with the same fresh, clean smell you notice after an electrical storm) to completely cleanse the air. Every home, office, kitchen, bar, and restroom should have one! It works extremely well in very large rooms or offices (500 to 1,500 sq ft), in your car, van or mobile home and comes supplied with both a 12v DC and a 110v AC listed power cord. The Csonka Smoker Cloaker is virtually silent, uses no chemicals components, its 100% maintainance-free and requires no filters to change, ever! Finally, incredible as it is, it's contemporary mini-dome design is only 4" wide! We guarantee users will love the Csonka Smoker Cloaker. It will become one of the most indispensable products owned, allowing them to enjoy smoking and clean air better than ever before. It is the cigar product of the year! Includes shipping within the UK !

Please note all Csonka products come with a 6 month guarantee

Here's a few valuable thoughts to note when purchasing Csonka Air Purifiers.

All Csonka products are covered by 6 months manufacturer warranty, which covers the initial period of use, protection against defects within this period.

We strongly recommend you to join Csonka Replace program.

To qualify for REPLACE program, it is as easy as A - B - C

A -- complete the product registration form included with all units, and get the data to Csonka by any means within 30 days of purchase.
B -- communicate directly to Csonka if there is ever an issue, and provide a copy of original invoice
C -- provide advance notice and return units direct to Csonka for review.

Csonka promise to resolve all issues and will communicate with the buyer directly

Please note all units will be provided with 220 volt plug for UK customers.

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Csonka Air Purifier - Original Smoker Cloaker