Empty Wooden Cigar Boxes (Paper Coated) - Medium Size - Lucky Dip

Empty cigar boxes available as a "lucky dip".

(Approx Max)

L= 18-22cm
W= 12-14cm
H= 2-4cm

If you have preference in size, let us know in the comments section.

The 'wooden type' boxes are either varnished/unvarnished finishes and feature a metal clasp, whereas the standard lucky dip range are paper coated (covered with decorative designs) but instead of a metal clasp, it'll typically uses a nail for it's locking mechanism.

Please note that delivery can take a few days if you require a specific type of a cigar box.

Delivery cost for up to 3 empty boxes is charged at 4.50.
Delivery cost for 4 boxes and more, is charged at additional 1.00 per box.

Please note that we cannot offer free delivery on this particular product even if the total order value is over 50.00.

  • Order Online or by Phone: 0207 372 1873
  • Orders place by 2pm are dispatched the same day
  • Next Day Delivery Available at the checkout


Empty Wooden Cigar Boxes (Paper Coated) - Medium Size - Lucky Dip
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