Short and Quick Smokes Sampler - 6 Cigars

This sampler is perfect if you want a shorter smoke but still want the full satisfaction of a larger cigar, including 6 cigars all under 4 inches.

Every Macanudo is hand-made in the Dominican Republic and is wrapped in a Connecticut shade wrapper, every time you light up a Macanudo you can rely on the same leisurely and pleasant experience. The Antonio Gimenez is a bold and strong cigar with a slight spicy kick throughout. The Regius Media Corona has a light medium body, a charming accompaniment to the taste of coffee, it has a sweet aroma and creamy texture. Then we have included the exclusive Inca Reserva D’Oro Stumpy which is a sweet, full flavour, complex, premium cigar that I believe is one of the best ever New World cigars.

For a Cuabn option we have included the Montecristo Media Corona and H. Upmann Half Corona. The taste that has made Montecristo the world’s most sought-after premium cigar is often described as “tangy”. Certainly the flavour is distinctive. The H. Upmann Half Corona is creamy throughout with subtle hints of coffee, perfect to enjoy in the morning.

This sampler includes:

- 1 x Macanudo Titan Cigar (60 x 4")
- 1 x Inca Secret Blend Reserva D’Oro Stumpy Cigar (54 x 3 1/4")
- 1 x Montecristo Media Corona Cigar (44 x 3 1/2")
- 1 x H. Upmann Half Corona Cigar (44 x 3 1/2")
- 1 x Antonio Gimenez – Shorty Corona (44 x 3 1/2")
- 1 x Regius Media Coronas - Half Corona (46 x 3 1/2")

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Short and Quick Smokes Sampler - 6 Cigars